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We've Teamed up with Wilsons Pet Food

Updated: May 29, 2020

As all Dog Owners do, I wanted Chester to be on best food I could give him. Ultimately we settled with Cold-Pressed. Wilsons Chicken, Sweet Potato & Pea.

What you feed your dog is a very controversial topic. Whatever works for you and your dog is best, Raw, Cold-pressed or Kibble.

What is Cold-Pressed?

To me Cold-pressed is the best of both worlds. Cold-pressed food is different to Kibble as it is gently pressed at a low temperature to seal in the natural goodness and flavour. Similar to the goodness of raw. This means it retains much more nutrients than Kibble.

Chester is cold-pressed fed and I love it. Every dog owner I meet I will chat about cold-pressed if I have half a chance. It has made such a difference to both Chester and Maisy. There poo's are much smaller, their coat shinier and they are much calmer.

Kibble is cooked at much higher temperatures than cold-pressed. These high temperatures result in the destruction of proteins, nutrients and the complexing of starches, reducing digestibility and thus absorption within the gut.

The image above shows how cold-pressed food sits in your dogs stomach compared with how kibble sits.

What are the benefits of Cold-Pressed?

The major difference when feeding cold-pressed is that your dog feels fuller for longer as the food sinks to the bottom of their stomach and doesn't expand, instead it breaks down slowly into a powder. Feeding cold-pressed also means that your dog won't experience so much bloat that is quite common with Kibble. Cold-pressed dog food is also more nutritionally dense, which means you don’t need to feed as much as you would a standard dry kibble or raw dog food.

So with Wilsons Chicken, Sweet Potato & Pea as an example: A 20Kg dog would need 270g of Cold-Pressed compared with over 300g of Kibble and 531g of Raw (Wilsons feeding guide)

Should you switch to Cold-pressed?

The ultimate decision is yours. But to help you I'll tell you why I changed Chester onto Cold-Pressed from Kibble.

To be completely honest I didn't just change from kibble for the nutritional benefits, I changed because Chester farted so much on kibble (Seriously he was a massive bag of wind) his stomach would blow up after his dinner and I was so concerned that his stomach would flip. I knew I needed an alternative. Raw isn’t for us at all. But what I did find is that when people go away and raw is unavailable they use cold-pressed. I did some research and found that it was perfect for Chester as an every day food.

When researching I found a number of brand. Finally we settled for Wilsons; Chicken, Sweet Potato and Peas.

It has everything that he needed. He has been on Wilsons Cold-Pressed, around 6 months now and adores it. We even use his cold-pressed food as treats when training he loves it that much!

Thanks For Reading

Sarah & Chester xx

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