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Christmas Gift Guide 2020 - Human and Hound

It’s approaching my favourite time of year – Christmas! Boy do we need it this year! Lockdown has been tough and the whole world is very strange right now, but the one thing I've been looking forward to most is Christmas! The traditions, the food, spending time with loved ones and the gifts. Be merry and stay safe!

Last year was the first time I really made and effort and bought majority of my gifts from independent business, every purchase means so much to them and it can truly been seen in the products, they feel so much more special. I can’t wait to share our human and hound gift guide 2020!

So sit down with your notepad & pen, favourite festive drink (mine is hot chocolate) and a gingerbread man (it's still too early for mince pies) & start planning your Christmas shopping;

We’ve got some great recommendations:

*All the titles are linked to the respective shops

Devon Wick Candle Co.

Wax melts

One for the Humans. Created in 2019 by Sophie Weeks & Craig Ryder, Devon Wick is a home grown business. They are a wax melts company based on the core principles of being eco friendly, high quality and fair.

We have tried and tested their Wax Melts - (Snap Bars) (Well my mum more than me) and they are amazing. They are pet-friendly (So important), made from soy wax, cruelty free and have eco friendly packaging (the packaging is gorgeous)! The most important part they smell divine and the scent lasts for such a long time.

They are all cream in colour (which my mum loves) and each snap bar has a coloured biodegradable glitter for that extra sparkle.

They pack and dispatch all their orders by hand. Every candle and wax melt is hand poured and packaged in recyclable boxes. Minimising the impact their business has on the environment. For Christmas this year they have launched the 12 Days of Christmas Hamper it includes:

11 Festive wax melt Snap Bars dancing 1 Christmas Room Spray spritzing 1 Beautiful reusable, high quality wax melt storage box!

They are the perfect stocking filler!


Personalised Prints + Cards

Creationery is ran by Katy who produces personalised initial prints, wall art and cards. I found Creationery on Etsy but she also has an Instagram page (@creationerystationery).

These are the perfect Christmas presents for: Family and Friends, a Dog Parent, or New (Human) Parents. They can be personalised in colour and design to suit the individual. I created one for me and one for Chester.

I wanted them to be bedroom decor. I first found Katy's non-personalised prints (which are also gorgeous) and considered buying them.

After looking at her ranage I found her personalised Initial prints! I contacted her as I didn't want Chester's to be too girly and wanted to add a quote if I could!

Katy was amazing, she answered all my questions, helped me finalise colours and designs, sent me previews at every stage and contacted me to check that I was happy with them! I decided to have both Initials in grey but have pink flowers on mine and a blue/grey eucalyptus on Chester's. I choose to have quotes on both:

Mine says "Keep Going, Because You Didn't Come This Far, Just To Come This Far"

Chester's says "When You See Someone Putting On His Big Boots, You Can Be Pretty Sure That An Adventure Is Going To Happen"

This could be changed to add whatever you wanted. I finally got round to putting them on my wall last weekend. They look amazing and I love that they are unique to us! Katy has very kindly given you all a 10% discount to use across her range of printable designs with the code: SARAHANDCHESTER.

As Christmas is approaching and this is a Christmas Gift Guide. Katy's Christmas range is available to purchase. she has the most gorgeous cards available. There is also some wall art but if you have an idea I would encourage you to contact Katy to discuss it! She really will try and create it.

Calm Dog Games

Perfect for Dog and Owner.

A perfect stocking filler for both Dog and Owner. All dogs need mental stimulation as well as exercise, love and Christmas Presents!

Coming up with games to play at any time of the year is quite difficult. Before finding Calm Dog Games me and Chester would play Hide'n'Seek, The Cup Game and some other basic games to try and entertain Chesters mind and have fun. Calm dog games is also perfect for creating or building your bond. We used them a lot after Chester's Vets trauma as his trust in me had dipped and I was desperate to get it back.

Chloe Hodder - Founder - Told us about why she created Calm dog games:

"Calm Dog Games was originally created for my own working-bred springer spaniel, Cam, and the desire to give him a fun, interesting and enriching life - and a ‘calm default’.

We all know how busy spaniels can be. Not only will they run all day long but they also have highly active minds and the need for copious amounts of attention and affection! Since I work from home, I had to get creative fast if I were to get anything done!

I began creating games for us to play together and was amazed at how soundly he slept after playing these for just a few minutes

But not only did this tire out his brain, it wore out my brain constantly trying to come up with ideas to keep him entertained! This is why I created the Calm Dog Games deck, so I could just pick up a card at random and deliver brain games, training exercises or enrichment activities and it could be done in the time it takes to boil the kettle.

There are 52 different game cards across five categories - Calm, Focus, Play, Puzzle & Bond. If you want to work on a specific area, such as calmness, you can choose from within that category. All help to develop positive behaviours such as calmness, confidence and connection with you. This format helped me to free up headspace. It was a relief to have a simple method of taking care of his mental wellbeing. Overall, the deck helped us to create a more relaxed, chilled and calm household.

Cam is now 3 years old and we’ve just passed our first Calm Dog Games anniversary and have loved sharing our games with over a thousand dogs so far. Going forward, I’m thrilled to have gained the support from the RSPCA who are promoting the deck. My greater goal is to help re-homers build confidence within their new rescue dog and work towards creating more awareness around the importance of mental wellbeing and enrichment for dogs. I also have another deck on the way for training concepts, so stay tuned!"

We love our Deck and we hope you do too!


Rope Collars & Leads

One for the pups! (Well maybe for us a little bit). Every year Chester gets a new Christmas collar. I love this tradition. I don't buy from the same brand every year as I like to support as many small business as I can. This year we got a sneak peek from our friends @rubyseastheworld new business @leadporium which only launched in September. I fell in love with her Winter/Christmas collection. It launched on the 30th October. It is made up of two Christmas collar and lead sets and four winter themed sets.

The Winter/Christmas collection arrives beautifully wrapped in kraft paper tied up with recyclable ribbon and delicately finished with a white wooden snowflake charm. It also arrived with a beautiful hand stamped and signed card. A lovely personal touch.

We choose the Nordic Forest 'Big Boy' collar out of the range which includes:


Nordic Forest

Oh So Festive


Duvet Days

Hot Cocoa

Misty Morning

Winter Nights

Nordic Forest suits Chester amazingly but I do have my eye on Misty Morning too! Because it's a Big Boy collar it isn't hidden in all his fluffs, it come with Red and Gold Glitter whipping which is just stunning and so Christmassy! It also has solid brass hardware. We got a clip collar but all the collars are available as a ID collar too!

The Human and Hound behind Leadporium are Sonia & Ruby. "Some might know us from our Instagram account @rubyseastheworld. I'm a self confessed dog accessory addict, so the progression into making beautiful products came quite naturally. I’ve put my heart and soul into every item and I hope you love all your Leadporium accessories".

Chester looks absolutely gorgeous in his new Collar it is such amazing quality, the rope is soft and strong the colour is rich and he will be wearing it after Christmas too!

Hillview Studios by Anna Liddle -

Personalised Ink Drawings

A must have for Christmas 2020. A perfect Christmas gift for a fellow dog parent or just as a gift for yourself! When I found Hillview on Instagram I knew instantly I needed one of Chester. (Just writing this I want another one! Anna was so easy to talk to! She helped me decide what size and even agreed to draw him in brown ink opposed to black ink (because he's brown!). She drew me gorgeous bespoke time piece of Chester turning my favourite photo of him as a puppy into a treasured piece of art! I really wanted a "then and now" drawing and she made it happen! I love it so much!

Anna started Hillview studios in 2019. Along with custom pet drawings she also draws buildings and people.

Custom drawing sizes are: